April 2012

Examining the Requirement for Multiple Short Term Bug Out Locations

by suburban April 15, 2012 Bug Out

Recently. I have been looking for a BOL property again. I have had several conversations with other preppers about going in on property together, alone, etc. Then I examine my geography and demographic, and it hit me… I live in a highly populated low self sufficiency demographic and geography. I need more than one Bug […]

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Family Preparedness Mindset – A Lesson Learned by Matthew Brown

by suburban April 8, 2012 Preparedness

My family and I recently attended a wedding in Michigan near the Sleeping Bear sand dunes. We went up for the weekend and I knew that the weather was going to be unpredictable. I packed accordingly with my waterproof shell, my hiking shoes and your typical hiking/survival kit. We arrived at our hotel early and […]

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Policy, Law, and the Free Man by Jesse Mathewson

by suburban April 3, 2012 Government

It has been a personal stance of mine that liberty, not be tied to a piece of paper, government or philosophy that includes the state for over two years now. This is a personal philosophy that will likely see change, evolution of the mind in the future. This journey has not been easy, it has […]

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I’m Different… An Observation(s) from the Field of Life

by suburban April 1, 2012 EDC

I’ve been on a long overdue vacation this past week.  Several years overdue, in fact.  But I learned something quite by accident that I would like to share.  While traveling with a group of friends outside the United States, one of which was getting married (I and two other friends were groomsmen), that of many […]

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