April 2011

A Case for Growing Your Own Food In Suburbia or Not.

by suburban April 29, 2011 Personal

Since spring has sprung, I have been giving thought to the mini garden that is going to inhabit the deck on the back of my apartment this year.  What will I plant, how much travel will I have, and how much time am I going to have to tend to the container garden, blah, blah, […]

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The Price of Money To Come

by suburban April 28, 2011 Gold and Silver

I’m not sure if that is a good title, but I am using it anyway… Several months ago, I priced silver, on a per ounce basis.  It was $31.00 and change.  I thought, Hmmm. I should buy some silver.  I disregarded… I few weeks later I looked at the price of silver again.  (I don’t […]

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Bad Situation

by Prepperjim April 27, 2011 Crime

I always leave my gas tank with enough gas to allow me to drive 100 miles or more should I need to escape the region quickly. I know that my tank holds enough to drive 320-350 miles when full. Thus, when 200 miles rolls around, I fill up, period. This is usually on the way […]

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Urban Blender

by Prepperjim April 27, 2011 bug out bag

In any environment, blending in can be an important survival tactic. It is no different in urban or suburban situations where fitting in keeps you under the radar and safe. Everything you do is either useful camouflage or dangerous attraction, from the cloths you wear, the car you drive and how you gather and store […]

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Debt vs. Cash Flow

by ST April 26, 2011 Economy

Even without TEOTWAWKI we are all hurting in the wallet these days. And the prognosis isn’t looking good for some time to come (at best). All forms of personal financial media are filled with articles and advise about how it is soooooooo important to pay down your debt. It is a worn out mantra.

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Ineed2Prepare.com Contest Give Away. One Month Bucket of Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

by suburban April 25, 2011 Contests

Welcome Ineed2Prepare.com to the SuburbanSurvivalBlog.com Family.  To welcome them, we are running a contest to give away an 84 meal Grab & Go bucket of gourmet meals.  What you will get from Ineed2Store.com if you win is below, but first, here are the parameters of the contest: The contest will run from Today, April 25th […]

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Saturday Videos

by suburban April 23, 2011 Bug Out Location

Not Doom & Gloom, just a swirling Vortex of Death – Prepare Now! (49 Minutes) All Terrain Home on Wheels The Hot Side of Prepping.  Adults Only… Solar Panel, Wind Turbine, Renewable Alternative Energy – Pirate Lifestyle TV ™ Episode 025 Retreat Design Parts 1, 2, & 3 httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UU5zDabge0    

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Bare Minimum Gear You Should Have at Your Bug Out Location

by suburban April 22, 2011 Bug Out

So, after having a conversation with a couple of preppers this week, I decided to put together a list of gear in no particular order around what you should have at your Bug Out Location.  Recently I have been chatting with a lot of people around this, and it seems to me that while your […]

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Judgement Day, April 21, 2011 = TEOTWAWKI? Hmmm… Is There a Terminator Around the Corner?

by suburban April 21, 2011 Personal

So today is the fictional TEOTWAWKI date of “Judgement Day” from the Terminator movies.  The day that Skynet was to become “Self Aware.”  Technically, yesterday would have been the day Skynet became self aware.  Today, April 21st, is the day that Skynet was supposed to launch an attack on humans…   I’m not big on […]

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Northern NJ After Heavy Rains All Night, a Hard Bug Out Situation

by suburban April 21, 2011 Bug Out

Sunday morning I got up a little early, brewed my pot of coffee, showered, and out the door I went to northwestern NJ to visit  a friend I have not seen in several months.  We were heading to PA to pick up some additional ammo.  My buddy wanted to pay less than the cost of […]

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