Since spring has sprung, I have been giving thought to the mini garden that is going to inhabit the deck on the back of my apartment this year.  What will I plant, how much travel will I have, and how much time am I going to have to tend to the container garden, blah, blah, blah.

Now, let’s say that I decide to grow cherry tomatoes, carrots, and a few more veggies and herbs.  Let’s just say the SHTF financially, hyper inflation has followed, Gas and Oil prices are through the roof.  Let’s say all this happens mid to late summer and the vegetables are coming to the point where they are ripe.  Food in the grocery store is through the roof, supplies of food are not what they used to be in the grocery store.  Question, if your garden is accessible, how would you defend against those that would feel entitled to your provisions that you might like to have on your salad or in your refrigerator in a couple weeks?  How would you handle it?  what would you do?  Interestingly, container gardens are more for convenience I would think than actually helping to feed your family in the suburbs or the city.

I can almost guarantee that if there are hungry people around me, I would come home from work or wake up in the morning to find my vegetables or the whole containers missing if there were a food shortage of any kind.  It makes me wonder or think about whether or not growing the garden is even worth it, or a trip to the local farmers market for whatever the vegetables are I want in my fridge.  Some might say that this is just the sign that I am not a survivalist but a “yuppie prepper” that doesn’t get it.  My argument to that is that with everyone’s life and/or lifestyle in the ‘burbs, and for the most part, the lack of space to grow an ample garden, which could also make you a target in an emergency situation.  It could be simpler to be a consumer in this situation and can/jar the vegetables at home ahead of time to shelter in with if you do not head out to your BOL and plant that large garden…


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