Travel EDCThis week Cam and I talk about Travel EDC.  It’s a concept that is close to me because I do a lot of traveling for work.  For instance, while I’m not a fan of traveling for work, I’m traveling for three weeks out of four in the month of April.  It makes for long days and weeks, and a heavy backpack.  But we’ll go through some of the items that make me a bit more comfortable when traveling and you can see them below in the show notes…

Sorry for the jingling in the early portion of the podcast.  Those are my dog’s tags on his collar.  Will be more mindful of this next time.

We also had a couple of sound glitches as well, just as an FYI.


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Travel EDC List:

  • Business Backpack:  Flying Circle Bag Company – This pack has a great center of gravity and weight distribution.  For it’s small size, it carry’s a surprising amount of gear.  It has a few MOLLE straps on it, so if I need to I can pull the pouch out of it and strap it to the flap to make more room for gear inside the ruck.
  • Molle Pouch (and contents inside Backpack)
  • Checked in my luggage (almost every trip with the exception of some international trips)
    • Leatherman Wave Multitool Qty One (1):  This is the newer version of the one that I carry
    • Ontario RAT3 Full Tang Knife Qty One (1)
    • Lansky Knife Sharpener Qty One (1) Special Note:  DO NOT check this in your carry on.  It has a ceramic sharpener/strop on it that looks like a blade and the rough sharpener looks like an ice pick type of device on it.  YOU WILL BE STOPPED by TSA at the XRAY Machine and your pack WILL BE STRIP SEARCHED.  This has happened to me numerous times.
    • Kershaw Onion other assisted open knife that I have
  • NOTE:  New Additions to Travel EDC as of April 4, 2015
    • iOSAT Potassium Iodide Tablets – Call me paranoid, but with all the middle eastern issues going on this is just preventive maintenance.
    • RADSticker – These are radiation stickers to tell you if you have been exposed.  See above.
    • Leatherman Style PS Multitool – Pretty self explanatory and TSA Approved.
    • Four Way Key – This is a less known tool that will allow you to open outdoor hose faucets on commercial buildings to get water if you need to.
  • Altoid Survival Kit:  Note there is ‘some redundancy’ in the event, it is all I can carry.  This is also something that I put together.  You will notice there is no primary fire source, as I always carry ‘at least’ two methods of making fire.
    • Qty 1 – One quart ziploc plastic bag
    • Qty 2 – 4′ @ 45lb fishing leader that can double as a snare.
    • Qty 1 – Button compass
    • Qty 2 – One square foot of heavy duty aluminum foil
    • Qty 3 – Zyrtec tablets for allergies
    • Qty 3 – Altoids for the comfort candy affect
    • Qty 4 – 500mg Tylenol
    • Qty 1 – Alcohol antiseptic towel
    • Qty 1 – Bouillon cube
    • Qty 1 – Sudafed cold & flu tablet
    • Qty 1 – Salt & Pepper packet
    • Qty 3 – Sewing needle and several feet of thread
    • Qty 1 – 25′ of waxed waxed string
    • Qty 3 – Safety pins
    • Qty 8 – Iodine tablets for water purification
    • Qty 1 – Imodium tablet
    • Qty 1- Tea bag
    • Qty 1- Cotton ball
    • Qty 3 – Bandaid
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