I am looking around the apartment after being away for a week on business.  I have been thinking I need several more #10 cans of freeze dried foods for longer term storage than what I have today.  Augmenting my food storage is always something that I am thinking about.  In fact I have to do a better job of rotating the storage and using what is in there today…

However, I look around and things are starting to get cluttered again.  I suppose I could go out to Home Depot and purchase something for storage out on my deck, but that is just adding space to the problem.  Not to mention that I do not want to start cluttering the deck.  It s some of my therapeutic space where I can just go outside, enjoy the weather, and read a book during spring, summer, and fall…

I have started bagging up sweaters I did not wear over the past two winters to donate, as well as other clothing items that just are not going to make it another season.  I am now starting to scrutinize many other items in my apartment as well.  Not because I necessarily want to be a minimalist, but because clutter is distracting to me as well as makes me feel disorganized.  I have also been taking a look at my shelves where I store my food, and asking myself how I can better store the food on the shelves to maximize the storage.

I also want to be sure I can “hide things in plain sight,” or ask myself “where can I store things and make them look inconspicuous?” Having a lack of space is starting to really get to me.  Maybe it is the fact that I am getting a taste for spring and want to be outside more.  Or maybe it’s the fact that I am looking for more open space again.

Anyone with suggestions or insight on what they have purged and realized they could live without, please feel free to comment.

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