Run, Or Stay And Fight?

The  yesterday on Facebook I posted a photo of a lady holding handgun. The caption read; I would much rather explain to the police, why an intruder in my home has a hole in his chest, than to have them explain to my loved ones why I was raped and murdered! One of my... Read more
Handgun CCW Drills

Handgun CCW Drills

This will probably be a short one today, but I found this over the weekend, even though I regularly frequent Website.  My buddy Doug and I routinely discuss guns.  What we’d like to buy, what we dislike about certain guns, brands, etc.  The one... Read more

Saturday Videos

Airsoft Training with Central Axis Relock – CAR System from Paul Castle Canteens (Urban Survival) Another Way To Use a Double Poncho Tent, and a Swiss Volcano Stove PRACTICAL UNARMED COMBATIVES VOLUMES 1 & 2: Critical Skills of Damithurt Silat Digging Stick... Read more