This will probably be a short one today, but I found this over the weekend, even though I regularly frequent Website.  My buddy Doug and I routinely discuss guns.  What we’d like to buy, what we dislike about certain guns, brands, etc.  The one thing that we routinely end up discussing are drills to make you a better shot on the fly or if you are in a situation that you may need to think quickly on your feet.  I admittedly need more work in this area.  My personal opinion is, so do most people.  

That said, I found an interesting nugget this weekend on quite by accident.  It was a set of drills for those with a CCW, however, I think after looking them over they might work for many in the field or on the range.  Take a look at what I found here:

There were more documents that I found on their site, and I could probably write for the next couple of hours about several more, but I will save that for additional posts later.  I thought this was great and wanted to share…

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