As many of you know, I do a lot of traveling for work.  In fact, one of my concerns is always security and possible SHTF when I travel.  I don’t think there can be a much worse situation than being without any of the gear you are familiar with than when the SHTF and you are left without to make due.  This is much of the reason I started traveling with a small travel EDC kit.  And, it is part of the reason why I picked up this CD from Ron Hood’s site.  That said, as I write this, I popped in the DVD, and am looking forward to reviewing it quickly afterward.

  • This DVD was not specifically made for people who travel a lot or have built a travel kit already.  It seems it was designed for the person that has not given much thought to travel security.
  • The first sequence of the DVD deals with hotel safety and evacuation.  Admittedly, I do not always look for the evacuation plan of the hotel, since I stay in the same hotel time after time.  This is good advice from Ron.  However most people I know, including myself, will get to the hotel and sighing in relief that they even got there after a full day of travel.  The last thing I want to do is think about safety, but it is the first thing I should be thinking about.
  • Much of the first section was dedicated to the potential disasters of the hotel.  One quick tip that made sense is that you should request a lower room giving you better faster access to the street and parking lot.
  • Not unlike myself, Ron carries a EDC type of kit, but he has several items I do not.
    • Rapelling belt
    • 40+ feet of rope for rappelling
    • Caribiner
    • Evacuation Mask for a biological or chemical issue made of a fire resistant material.  His covers his whole head so he has his eyes protected as well. (I may pick one of these up, it looks like a smart addition to the EDC kit).
  • He also carries several common sense items to alert him of a security breach for the room, while there or not.
  • He carries a wireless bug/camera detector for detection of wireless cameras, etc. in a room.  Seems pretty handy, as I don’t give this much thought, as much as I travel.  He also gives some advice on how to find cameras that might be hidden in your hotel room.  He discusses voyeurism and how  it secretly violates privacy.  Again, an area that I do not give much thought to.  I will now.  Weird?
  • He goes into health precautions because when he went to Romania, they had the avian flu.  I think that health precautions should be taken anyway since airplanes are tin cans full of germs.  Ron goes into what he does to help prevent airborne and contact germs from attacking him and making him ill while on a trip.
  • One area I was particularly interested in was the section of the video where Ron spoke about Emergency Gear.  He called it Chameleon Gear.  He defines Chameleon Gear, as gear that can be used or worn in plain sight that does not look like it’s intended purpose.  It seems that he packs much of the EDC gear he is going to travel with goes on the plane with him inside a jacket designed with a system for carrying a distributed load of gear more evenly.  He did pull a knife out of the jacket, so I am making an assumption that he checks that with his luggage (assuming he is going by plane) today when he travels, as I do.  Much of Ron’s Travel EDC gear is like mine  with the exception of a few items.  He carries a small AM/FM radio, and I do not.
  • Ron’s wife Karen also discusses a few items around personal security for your luggage and children.   She also discusses general personal security while going about your day to day business when out and about for the day.

Ron went into some filler with MREs and Bug Out Bags as well.  He went into some detail about what will go into the BoB, stating that its contents will be based on where you live and your environment.

Like with the first DVD, I think that if you are a beginner or urging friends or family to begin thinking about  this video would be worth it.  If you are a seasoned traveler, seasoned prepper, or both, I am not sure you haven’t thought about much of this before.  I did pick up a few nuggets of information, and that made the 15.95 price tag worth it to me.  And at about three nuggets of information, the ROI was 5.00 per nugget.  Not a bad investment.

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