I am going to try to be realistic here.  There are posts all over the Web on preppers sites about starting your prepping for $5.00 a week.  But what does $5.00 really buy these days.  In my case $5.00 can buy:

– 3 – 4 cans of soup,

– 3 – 4 cans of tuna, chicken or turkey,

– One 5LB bag of rice (48 individual servings, see Repacking Some Core Preps for Portability, Ease of Use, Care Packaging, and Rotation

– Five bags of assorted beans

– Two 12oz. cans of SPAM

– One can of Carnation Instant Breakfast (About 14 servings / Two weeks worth of breakfasts)

– One box of instant milk, making five quarts of milk.

– etc….

This all adds up over time, but, as you know we are impatient creatures, and we may want to accelerate some of our prepping by purchasing more when we shop.  This is not always feasible, and I get it. However, “if” we can increase our budget to $25.00 per week or even every two weeks, you can accelerate your food storage dramatically.  For instance.  Based on this post, (Repacking Some Core Preps for Portability, Ease of Use, Care Packaging, and Rotation) and finding foods that are core foods for your prepping you can standardize on a few items for purchase.  i.e. two 5lb bags of rice will give two people 24 servings of rice twice a day for 24 days.  And you spent $9.60 of your $25.00  If you watch for sales on canned chicken, tuna, etc. you can pick up for or five cans for $5.00 (roughly, these days) and you have spent, $14.60 of your budget.  Or you can purchase 12 bags of assorted beans for $1.00 – 1.50 a bag to give you a couple months of core food storage based again on portion size.

So you can see, if you can afford to increase your budget just a little bit, and if you “plan” your food storage shopping trips around that budget and know what you want to get prior to entering the store, you will most certainly accelerate your food storage exponentially.

As an aside, do not forget water storage.  The more dry goods you purchase, the more water you will require for cooking.  This is something I do not hear many people mention when they talk about buying food storage whether dehydrated or freeze dried…




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