Prepping can be expensive.  People like to bite off more than they can chew.  I did it.  I felt I needed everything “now.”  Food, gear, etc.  When I finally settled into becoming a prepper I slowed down, took inventory of what I had, and realized where the holes are.  There are still holes.  I still fight the urge to overspend on preps that I know I can get in 30, 60, or 90 days.  It is easy to want to spend money on something that you are passionate about.  But you can’t.  Money is a resource that needs to be budgeted and respected.  That said,

I came across a blog article this morning I think makes sense to share:

In addition to what is in this article, I think it is good for everyone to have a couple additional skills they can use to generate some extra money for their preps.  If you have a day job and can cut a couple of lawns for 25 – 50 dollars each every week for people, you have that much more money to invest in your preps every month.  And that is cash in hand mind you, that can get you a ton of food for a family of four pretty quickly.  You could have a year’s worth of food that can be stored for a long period  just by mowing lawns in the summer for the extra cash.  If you can tend bar that is another one… In a later blog post, I will try to think and post a list of easily learned skills that can earn you extra money to help you prep more efficiently and save for a SHTF situation…

Here is a past post on inexpensive preps you can make weekly:

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