I have plans.  I always have plans.  But one of my plans this fall is to build a raised garden box the size of a table I have on the deck of my apartment.  It is worthy investment, assuming I am going to stay in this spot for the next couple of years so I can reap the reward of fresh vegetables, and even can or dehydrate some of them depending on what I plant.  What I am finding is that it is going to be quite the little project however, because not only does it need some depth for any reasonable sized vegetables, the water support system and drainage system that I am going to have to design needs to account for where the water will go, whether or not I should hold it in a tank so that it can be recirculated to the garden, and where am I going to drain it to since I am on a second floor apartment… A few good questions.

I only thought of this, because I had plans to build a garden box earlier this summer so I could plant a fall garden.  Did you know that the following plants thrive in cooler weather:  carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, turnips, lettuce(s), cabbage, beets, cucumbers, kale, mustard, onions, radishes, and spinach?  I thought this was interesting.  In fact they say that spinach that grows in the extreme heat gets a very bitter taste to it.  I wonder if this is why dandelion is so bitter, as it grows all summer long in the heat.  Now some of those vegetables (based on my research) must be planted in July or August where I live, because they need the heat to sprout, but once they do, they will thrive in the cooler weather, less a frost mind you.  To protect from frost a canvas or burlap blanket should be used at night to help insulate from the cold air.

Living in an apartment makes it hard to have your own garden and fresh vegetables.  Even when I go to the farmers market here in NJ (there are two of them within two miles of my place) the vegetables have come from some wholesaler somewhere, and not local growers.  Not a true farmers market.  There’s nothing like biting into one of your own home grown tomatoes, corn, radishes, carrots, etc.  The flavors are completely different from the corporate farm harvest garbage they put out at the grocery stores or the real fake farmers markets here.  That is one thing I miss about rural  Pennsylvania, where I am from.  Home grown vegetables, and grass fed buffalo and beef.  Sorry, had to get the meat reference in there.  Hope you don’t mind…

Once I have the materials for the raised garden box, I may video record it as I go along and YouTube it for everyone to see…

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