Off Grid ExpoI just got off the phone with Steve Schanne over at Off Grid Warehouse, a NJ based provider of preparedness gear and supplies.  Steve has been promoting a FREE, Yes FREE Alternative Energy and Preparedness Expo.  The Expo is being held in Woodbury, NJ on April 20th, 2013 in a 20,000 foot facility.  There will be a number of members there, as well as several speakers.The important information is here:

Date: Saturday April 20, 2013
Time: 9am – 5pm
Location: Broadway Electric Supply 459 Mantua Ave. Woodbury NJ 08096
Event Coordinators: Steve Schanne / Angelo Piro
Contact: 856-823-1177

Additionally, for potential vendors, all you need to do is give Steve a call and chat with him.  It’s free for Vendors, and Steve isn’t making a dime on this expo.  It’s all to raise awareness…  So if you run a preparedness business, feel free to click the link above or the advertisement to the right, and learn more…

The types of exhibitors that will be at the expo are as follows:


  • Survival Cave Food Emergency Long-Term Canned Meats and Freeze Dried Food
  • Heater Meals, Sure-Pack MREs, MayDay Calorie Bars and Go-Food Products
  • Condor Tactical Gear
  • Aquamira, Berkey, Sure Water, Water Brick and WaterBob
  • Water Purification & Storage
  • Elite First Aid & Trauma Equipment
  • SunDanzer DC/Solar Refrigeration
  • OGW “Semper Paratus” Bug-Out & Go Bag Equipment
  • SOL, Coghlan’s Survival Gear
  • Indoor Generators, Solar Powered Generator
  • Generac Generators
  • Off Grid Solar Power Packages
  • Off Grid Emergency Back Up Power Systems
  • Solar Energy Solutions
  • Solar Carports by Broadway Electric Supply
  • Solar Installation Seminar on Our Mock Roof
  • Wind Power
  • Boy Scouts
  • Ham Radio, ARRL VE Testing 10am – 12pm
  • Amateur Radio, Bill Price [email protected] “NJ2S”
  • EMT, CPR & Trauma
  • FEMA
  • Galosi Enterprises, Heirloom seeds, Kelly Kettle and Suunto Watches & Compass
  • Para-Zip Products
  • Atlas Underground Shelter
  • American Safe Room
  • Guest Speaker, Author Richard Durate “Surviving Doomsday
  • Gardening Experts
  • Hunting,Trapping & Breeding
  • ATV Off Road Clubs and Dealer
  • Lighting/Heating
  • Outdoor Gear/Camping
  • Artech Design, home concealed structures “because everyone has something to hide”
  • Security, Surveillance & Protection
  • Self Reliance Q&A Experts
  • Freedom Hunters “Honoring Our Nations Finest” Mr Rob Kislow
  • Self Defense
  • Jeep
  • Ford
  • Bee Keeping
  • Fishing
  • West Jersey Forest Products
  • and much more!

I am certainly going to make an appearance…  If you plan on going, please email me at [email protected].  I may plan on having lunch nearby or dinner immediately following.  It would be fantastic to meet and greet some of my local readers in the surrounding area(s).

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