When I worked in NYC and live in NJ, Post 9/11 I had a GHB in my file cabined drawer.

1. 1 Bottle Potassium Iodide Tablets (inexpensive and figured it was good to have in the event of a dirty bomb)
2. 2 x Small Bottle of hand sanitizer (60% alcohol / 40% aloe – Burns well as a fuel too)
3. Pack of gum
4. 2 x Pocket Kleenex
5. Emergency Blanket
6. Emergency rain poncho
7. 25′ Paracord
8. 1 Box Trioxane bar (Qty 4 total)
9. LED Flashlight with 2 AA Batteries (Extra batteries)
10. Emergency Whistle with waterproof container containing waterproofed strike anywhere matches, integrated compass and emergency signal mirror
11. Home made fire starter bars
12. Cotton balls
13. Two candles (both 36 hour emergency candles)
14. 32 oz Plastic Water Bottle
15. Bottle Iodine Tablets
16. Box Matches
17. Pen
18. Multi-Tool
19. 10′ Duct Tape wrapped around top of pen
20. Lighter
21. Light stick
22. MRE and a 3600 Calorie (3 day) Emergency Ration
23. 1 Liter of Bottled Water (with water bottle can carry 2 liters of water and keep one hidden)
24. 2 x Balance Bars
25. Small First aid kit
26. All contained in a bike messenger bag like brief case to sling over my shoulder. I used this so it would look inconspicuous instead of an assault pack. Figured, I would have to hoof it back to NJ over a bridge or through a tunnel.

In hind sight, things that were missing: moleskin, pair of hiking shoes or inserts for shoes to make the seven mile walk through the tunnel or over the bridge less painful on the feet, extra socks to keep my feet dry, plastic bag(s), a towel to dry off if need be, an antibiotic, etc. Thank goodness I never had to use any of it, however…

I had thought about renting a small (very small) storage unit. You can get them the size of a small closet or 4′ x 4′ in NYC for about 50.00 – 90.00 a month to keep a raft, and trolling motor in to get across a couple of rivers. There are a couple with wheels once inflated, you can drag behind you.

I should also add, I always carry a knife, a way to make fire, and a paracord bracelet that equals 10′ of paracord unraveled.

I also considered buying a cheap HiPoint 9mm or .40 to keep in the storage unit with extra Ammo. Of course this would have been completely illegal in NYC (COMPLETELY ILLEGAL), however, in a SHTF (a clear danger SHTF situation) to use it in a pinch to get home or for protection. Not that I am comfortable doing anything illegal, however, I do advocate staying alive in self defense…

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