This is really just a quick blurb.  Recently, I have been back at the gym.  It has been an interesting ride, getting back to the gym after 10 years of letting my health go.  I am by no means obese, but my lung capacity and strength were minimal compared to years ago spending five and six days a week at the gym.

I was in Austin, TX this week on business…  Wow, was it hot there, however, I think it is hotter here in NJ with the current heat wave.  I digress.  I had to run down the street to catch up with someone.  A couple months ago, I would have been out of breath, especially in the heat and humidity.  I probably jogged 2/3 of a city block.  When I caught up to my industry colleague, I was surprised to find that I wasn’t out of breath, and I wasn’t doubled over huffing and puffing.  This said two things to me.  First, I knew I was getting in better shape.  Second, I realized my lung capacity was increasing, which is really important to me as I used to be in pretty good shape (used to spend a couple hours a day at the gym when I was younger doing cardio and weight training).

I guess my point is that it felt good to feel good after running down the street without doubling over and looking dumb.  But more importantly, it was clear to me that I am ‘beginning’ to achieve one of my preparedness goals, and it felt good.  Speaking of which, I have to get my gym clothes ready… 😉

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