This is real­ly just a quick blurb.  Recent­ly, I have been back at the gym.  It has been an inter­est­ing ride, get­ting back to the gym after 10 years of let­ting my health go.  I am by no means obese, but my lung capac­i­ty and strength were min­i­mal com­pared to years ago spend­ing five and six days a week at the gym.

I was in Austin, TX this week on busi­ness…  Wow, was it hot there, how­ev­er, I think it is hot­ter here in NJ with the cur­rent heat wave.  I digress.  I had to run down the street to catch up with some­one.  A cou­ple months ago, I would have been out of breath, espe­cial­ly in the heat and humid­i­ty.  I prob­a­bly jogged 2/3 of a city block.  When I caught up to my indus­try col­league, I was sur­prised to find that I was­n’t out of breath, and I was­n’t dou­bled over huff­ing and puff­ing.  This said two things to me.  First, I knew I was get­ting in bet­ter shape.  Sec­ond, I real­ized my lung capac­i­ty was increas­ing, which is real­ly impor­tant to me as I used to be in pret­ty good shape (used to spend a cou­ple hours a day at the gym when I was younger doing car­dio and weight train­ing).

I guess my point is that it felt good to feel good after run­ning down the street with­out dou­bling over and look­ing dumb.  But more impor­tant­ly, it was clear to me that I am ‘begin­ning’ to achieve one of my pre­pared­ness goals, and it felt good.  Speak­ing of which, I have to get my gym clothes ready… 😉

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