This weekend I admitted to my parents, who frankly, would think I was a bit of a wacko if I fully admitted I was a prepper.  I admitted to them that I had about three months worth of food in my apartment for any hard times ahead.  They both, surprisingly thought that was smart.   My mother can sometimes think I am a little off the wall.

We also talked about the election, positives and negatives of the candidates, and were speculating on the future.  For the first time, my mother admitted that she didn’t like either the democratic or the republican candidates.  I had to agree.  I have been following my home states political race for some time.  Everyone seems full of crap.  The republican candidates want to just stop everything that the democrats want to do, and no once seems to have a solid plan.  I have come to the conclusion that no political candidate ever has a plan.  They have an idea, and whether or not that idea is good for the people, they just want to push that idea initiative through.

I digress.  My point here, is that for the first time, my parents thought it was a good idea to keep additional food on hand for any major or minor issues going forward.  The first positive step in helping them understand who I am today.

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