Thank you for helping me achieve some of my 2010 goals of becoming a more fluent prepper, student, and teacher.  Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read what I have to say.  It still amazes me.

So, a very Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating it out there, and a huge thank you for spending the time reading my blog consistently.  It is quite humbling to know that I write something that people come back to read over and over again.  Wishing you and your families a fantastic holiday season and upcoming year.  As we slide from 2010, I hope that you can drop the last year into a silent limbo and let go of the imperfect frustration that parts of it had been bestowed upon you.  I hope that you can go into 2011 and attain great achievements and experiences manifesting a meaningful chapter in your lives!

Thank you again!

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About suburban

We’re a group of suburban preppers in the Northeast and live in the NYC suburbs that write The Suburban Survival Blog to talk about preparedness and self-reliance out there to help others prepare for what could be an uncertain future due to economic, weather, and other reasons.