Wild dogsAn odd occurrence happened to me this winter. The short version: Late one cold evening we heard an odd sound at the front door. Our dog started barking. I didn’t see anyone at the door. No one rang the bell. So finally I carefully cracked open the door and a head started to stick its way in!

A dog’s head.

A rather large, cold, somewhat thin pit bull was parked on our front stoop and would not leave. He wasn’t acting aggressive but with a pit bull you can’t tell (they are good dogs, get a bad reputation, but you never know how he’s been raised/trained). Any other type of dog my wife would have taken in at least for the night. But with our own dog and two small children in the house we couldn’t take the chance.

We called the police who did come and after several tries was able to capture the dog. While waiting for Animal Control a guy (I never saw him before in the neighborhood) who claimed to be the owner showed up claiming the dog had gotten out of his yard and he’s been searching all night. The police seemed to accept it, no trouble was made, and the guy was able to leave with the animal.

All’s well that ends well I suppose.

But that got me thinking.

Loose, wild feral dogs are a BIG problem already in many places urban as well as suburban and rural. After a wide spread SHTF event that problem can be even bigger.

Hungry, afraid, cold – these animals can be very aggressive and dangerous.

They don’t scare easily.
Don’t back off with a token show of force.
May travel and attack in packs.
May carry disease (not just rabies) and parasites.
Probably won’t retreat if a single member of the pack is injured or killed.

Not only people but any small live stock you may have – chickens, rabbits, goats etc. – are at greater risk.

Packs of feral and near-feral dogs are already in many states. That will only get worse.

Some will be set “free” by their owners after an SHTF because they don’t have (or can’t afford) to provide for them or take them on escape.
Some will break free.
Some will be abandoned.

Either way, dog attacks risk will be much greater after an SHTF event.

One more thing to be aware of and prepared for.

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