This may end up being more of a rant than not, but I wanted to write a little blurb about how I am trying to buy these days.  I have been looking for “Made in USA” labels recently.  I have a strong belief that money that circulates here in our country is better served than buying items made in China, Sri Lanka, Philippines, etc.

My frustration for imported items is stemming from consumer goods.  As I continue to prep and rotate my preps, I also look for items that need to be replaced.  For instance, this weekend, a battery powered lantern that I have had for some years is on the verge of dying.  So, I thought I would start investigating a new one.  My search, I went to Coleman’s Website, went to their battery powered lantern section and started researching some new cool LED lanterns.  At the bottom of every description, I read “Made in China.”  Ugh, really.  The all American camping supply company, China, really.  Sorry if you are from China (Surprisingly, I have Chinese readers) and reading this post, but my philosophy is that money that is circulated, spent, and recirculated domestically is money better spent for a multitude of reasons vs. money spent on items manufactured in other countries.  We have unemployment and other issues that need to be remedied by keeping the money in this country, instead of sending it to other countries to cover interest on loans we didn’t need if we just looked within.

So, I started poking my nose at other Websites to see where other products were made.  Some were listed, and some were not.  I do have to say, I as I become more aware of what is manufactured here and what is not, the majority of what I buy, including items such as shirts and blue jeans, are all made elsewhere.  What do we really do to support the American worker?  What is really manufactured here anymore?  That question prompted a search for a couple of Websites which might list consumer products made in the USA.  Here is what I have found:

I believe in supporting our economy.  I buy a LOT from  I know this keeps American workers employed, but, now I am going to look for distribution of the products on (I trust Amazon as a secure E-Commerce platform with solid policies) to kill two birds with one stone, or I will start patronizing the above Websites directly.

This is a VERY conscious decision that I have come to.  If you are reading this from another country, and I know I have international readers, I urge you to do the same.  The world economy is in shambles.  Look for products in your own country, state, province, etc.  for products you can purchase locally that are manufactured there.  Support your own economies, it might even give you a little more pride…

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