Many of you have no doubt seen this video in the past.  It is the one hour documentary that Les Stroud recorded about buying a piece of property and living off the grid potentially simplifying life.  That, however is not the reason I am posting this video.  My friend Doug actually gave me the idea that this video actually represents a good primer for those suburban and urban survivalists looking to build redundancies into their existing home, as well as look at this property and documentary as a bug out location.  So, take the 67 1/2 minutes and please review this video, and apply what you are seeing to a Bug Out Location or your existing home.  Keep in mind as well, redundancies do not have to be very grandiose.  They can be scaled down versions of what Les has done with solar panels, for example to allow you to keep items such as your living room lights running and maybe your refrigerator.

So without wasting anymore of your time, here is Les’s documentary:

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