Ha.  Just for fun, I want the CHEETAH by Force Pro­tec­tion, Inc.

The Chee­tah® is designed by Force Pro­tec­tion to achieve high pro­tec­tion lev­els in a small vehi­cle. The Chee­tah’s size and agili­ty make it ide­al for recon­nais­sance, com­mand and con­trol, for­ward obser­va­tion, urban oper­a­tions, and home­land secu­ri­ty mis­sions. The Chee­tah uses the same mine pro­tec­tion prin­ci­ples as the Cougar®, and has the capac­i­ty to car­ry heavy armor kits for excel­lent bal­lis­tic pro­tec­tion.

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