I have a friend that is a financial advisor and stock broker in the NYC area.  I actually have a few of them, but last evening while we were out to dinner in NYC, he mentioned a couple of his predictions for our economy in the not to distant future.  I logged them in my memory bank, and we are going to sit down and discuss it in more detail this week.  The VERY high level is that he predicts a couple of things.  He predicts that gold and silver are going to crash and be worthless, that commodities are going to go through the roof (become VERY expensive) and he is also predicting a period of hyperinflation and the dollar being close to worthless.  We didn’t talk more about it at that point, but I am going to sit down with him and discuss what his thoughts are.  Following the conversation, I will write a post regarding our discussion.

This particularly interest me, because I have been looking at purchasing some silver, but now before I do I want to learn more about my friends frame of mind.

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