So, in order to do a lit­tle camp­ing this past week­end, I raid­ed my Bug Out Bag.  Dumb thing to do.  Why you might ask.  Well, now I have to replace it.  I was in such a hur­ry on Fri­day to gath­er my stuff togeth­er, I need to re-assem­ble part of the bag, and I have to find all the stuff I took out of it.  Going for­ward I am going to write off every­thing in my Bug Out Bag.  It may be more expen­sive to pur­chase the extra equip­ment, but I think I need to keep my gear in my bag, in the bag in the event I need to get out of Dodge.  It may sound dol­lar fool­ish, but I think it may be a smarter deci­sion.

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