I ordered my ARRL Ham Radio License Manual this week.   It was predicated on the Northern  NJ Meetup I attended a couple weeks ago, and another gentleman I met at the meetup some time ago that has his Ham license.  There is a lot of chatter in the survivalist world about being able to communicate or get information during a SHTF event.  I have given this a lot of thought, and concur.  This is my first foray into any certifications that have or will have to do with my survivalist lifestyle.

While you have to be licensed, I think having a Ham license will open new doors to communicating in a methodical and organized way, not to mention, potentially open up new doors with like minded individuals as well.  Below is a video highlighting getting your Level 1 License (the one I am going to be studying and testing for).

I don’t know much about it yet, and am not sure how complicated it is going to be, or how long it might take to study for the test, but I will try to make updates about what I am learning, and what I think about the program once I get into it…

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