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Remember that little post I wrote a month or so ago about my morning at Newark Airport?  Well about 30 days ago, I get a letter in the mail from the TSA.  What did it say you might ask?  Well, they imposed a $250.00 civil penalty against me.  I am assuming this paid for the paperwork and background checks etc.   They were generous, however, by allowing me to pay $125.00 within 30 days of the notice.  Sigh.

Now for my concern…  How is this going to affect my future travel?  How is this going to affect any and all CCW’s I am privileged with?  Am I going to get flagged every time I go through security going forward?  I hope the TSA had a good time going through all my dirty laundry last time they searched my bag.  I called the number on the letter…  I left a message… We wait, and wait, and wait, and wait four days…  Until, about 10 minutes ago.  I get a call from a very pleasant young lady on the other end who identified herself being from the TSA and that she is responding to my voice mail.  Actually, I didn’t expect a call back at all.  Here is what she told me, and she made no bones about the information she was delivering:

    1. I am still eligible for the $125.00 reduction in fine cost.  Outstanding.
    2. This will NOT affect or give me a criminal record.  Outstanding
    3. This will NOT affect any CCW’s that I have.  Outstanding (but I will not hold my breath for the next few months)
    4. And finally, that this will not affect any future travel at all.  Outstanding.  However, I do know my bag was sifted through after the last trip I took… So we will see.

In all she assured me that this was not criminal in any way, just covering costs and I am sure it is psychological in nature so I should check my bag before I go to the airport a little more thoroughly going forward.

I write this as an FYI to all of you who may travel for business and have dual purpose bags like me…

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