I’ve come to terms this week and come to a cou­ple of con­clu­sions.  That as a sur­vival­ist, prep­per, or what­ev­er you want to call me, I am not finan­cial­ly pre­pared for a large or even mid-size emer­gency.  I used to be pre­pared for the mid­size emer­gency, had no debt oth­er than a car pay­ment, and life was good.  That was sev­er­al years ago.  Today, I am a liv­ing exam­ple (in my hum­ble opin­ion) of a pay­check to pay­check lifestyle that I am try­ing to emerge from.

I do count myself as lucky, how­ev­er, as there are many peo­ple today with­out a job at all.  Many of those same peo­ple do not have the prospect of a job, either, and that sad­dens me.  In fact there are days I sit at my desk and pon­der if there is any­thing I can do to help those with­out jobs that want jobs.  I half joke with my friends that “if I could get out of the tech­nol­o­gy busi­ness (20 years is a long time to be in any busi­ness) that I might…”  But that is where it stops.  I real­ly do not know what I would do.  But if there were a way to con­nect peo­ple, and help cre­ate jobs for the job­less that would be cool.  I’m not think­ing like a “head­hunter” or any­thing like that.  But I think there is a unique oppor­tu­ni­ty some­where to help oth­ers to get back to some sense of nor­mal­cy, or their ver­sion of nor­mal­cy, mind you.

I have helped sev­er­al friends iden­ti­fy new com­pa­nies to pos­si­bly go to work for this year, some of them were hired.  It seems that since 2008, I have been con­nect­ing peo­ple peri­od­i­cal­ly to poten­tial employ­ers, and when they get hired, it feels good to know that I helped some­one bet­ter their sit­u­a­tion.  I don’t want props for it, as I men­tioned, I think there is a unique oppor­tu­ni­ty in this eco­nom­ic sit­u­a­tion some­where.

Okay, I have drift­ed off the point, as I usu­al­ly do.  I have read blogs on being finan­cial­ly more sta­ble in the event the SHTF.  In fact I have read books on per­son­al finance, etc.  Admit­ted­ly, I have many friends that are finan­cial advi­sors, and don’t real­ly take advan­tage of them the way I should…  I am not com­fort­able giv­ing friends mon­ey to man­age… I would rather it be some­one I do not know on a per­son­al lev­el but a busi­ness lev­el.  I have to get on top of this.  I have to get the two cred­it cards I no longer use paid off as well… That will come.  I just paid anoth­er one off, giv­ing me a lit­tle more liq­uid­i­ty to drop into the oth­er debt I have to get it paid off…

All of this said, I have a the­o­ry after read­ing, watch­ing, and lis­ten­ing.  This the­o­ry applies to me, and me only because I only know my sit­u­a­tion.  Based on my expe­ri­ence, to be sol­vent (in the black), out of debt, mon­ey in the bank for rough­ly a year, and to pur­chase some back­up cur­ren­cy (silver/gold, not sure which yet, prob­a­bly sil­ver or junk sil­ver to start), I need to gen­er­ate an addi­tion­al 30,000 in 2011 to feel com­fort­able in 2012.  This does­n’t count a lit­tle fight I am hav­ing with the state cur­rent­ly because of an IRS Audit I had for my tax­es a cou­ple years ago.  That is my first pri­or­i­ty going into Dec. 2010, and into 2011…

I may be post­ing more finan­cial­ly focused posts in the next cou­ple of days, but since 2011 is right around the cor­ner, if you (we) have not focused on finances and improv­ing our finan­cial sit­u­a­tions in the com­ing year, now is the time to talk about it.

Feel free to com­ment.

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