Well, it has been a long time in coming, but Dave Canterbury of The Pathfinder School, LLC recently released his new magazine Self Reliance Illustrated.  Here is what I received via Email yesterday afternoon, and with permission from the Pathfinder School and their team, I am releasing this to you.

I find it kind of exciting to watch Dave and his team build a business teaching people about self reliance in the bush.  Click on to the next page to learn a bit more:

Self Reliance Illustrated, December Cover. Click to see larger image

Content from the Pathfinder School, LLC

Finally, a magazine that will help teach you the skills to be self reliant in the woods or urban jungle.  Brought to you by the Pathfinder School, LLC., and Blind Horse Knives, we invite you to learn skills from experts in the field.  SRI will feature how to’s, gear reviews, and informative articles.  Let’s learn together, spread the tribal knowledge, and be self reliant!


Dan, Dave, L.T., and the SRI Team

We are proud to release Self Reliance Illustrated today.  Subscriptions are being offered at an introductory rate of $35.00 for the USA and $60.00 Internationally for 6 issues a year delivered bi-monthly.  Individual copies can be purchased for $7.00 plus shipping.

You can purchase a subscription by going to this link.

I just purchased my subscription and will be reviewing the December’s edition when it arrives for you.

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