My kids will tell you if it is not on sale and we do not have a coupon we do not need it. Hav­ing this men­tal­i­ty will help you to save mon­ey and build your stock­pile of life sus­tain­ing goods.

I am sure by now many of us have seen shows on tele­vi­sion with peo­ple sav­ing ridicu­lous amounts of mon­ey using coupons. Well I am here to tell you it is not a lie. Just the oth­er day I saved 98% by using coupons and that 2% was the tax. Now this is not the norm for me, I usu­al­ly sit around the 75% mark with tax. That means my $400 per month bud­get turns into $1600 worth of sup­plies. You have to look at coupons as mon­ey; every $1.00 coupon is like hav­ing $1.00 in cash.

Do I spend 40 hours a week clip­ping coupons, com­par­ing sales, scout­ing the stores? Heck no.

First I have to get the coupons. Where I live there are coupons avail­able on Sun­day and Wednes­day. Most of the time they are the same coupons. Occa­sion­al­ly I get some­thing extra spe­cial in one of them. Like free Dr. Pep­per 10, or free pro­tein bars, or $1.00 off of an item the store usu­al­ly sells for $0.99. My neigh­bors all seem to have too much mon­ey because they just give me the coupon inserts. Some­times I can pick up 20 of them in a sin­gle day just from the block I live on. Of course I could buy the papers on those days, but why if I can get them free?

After I clip them I orga­nize them into cat­e­gories like dairy, or fridge non- dairy, canned, frozen, etc. This is impor­tant because when you have 2000 coupons it is hard to keep track of what you have if it is not orga­nized in some man­ner. I fur­ther put all the same coupons togeth­er then put them in the enve­lope by expi­ra­tion date start­ing with the one that will expire first so I see it every time I open the enve­lope. There are also a bunch of coupon clip­ping ser­vices out there that will clip them for you and mail them for a por­tion of the coupons val­ue, usu­al­ly around 10%.

Be sure and read the coupon care­ful­ly. There are some that say you must buy 4 of an item to get the deal. Some say it must be a cer­tain size or quan­ti­ty in the pack­age. Some are lim­it­ed to 1 coupon per item per trans­ac­tion, the stores love this one.

Wednes­day is when I get the local sales fly­ers. My local store actu­al­ly runs their sales for 8 days instead of 7days so the sales will over­lap which is very nice. After com­par­ing the deals for all the sores around me I am ready to make a list.

The list is pret­ty impor­tant because for those of you who are impulse buy­ers this will help keep you on track. The list also helps you to opti­mize sav­ings and to dou­ble check at the reg­is­ter.  When you make your list ask your­self; do I use it now, will I use it, or can I trade it to some­body else? Take dia­pers for exam­ple; none of my kids wear them but at some point they will prob­a­bly have their own. If I can get them for free now that will save a ton of cash in the future. It is not like they will go bad.

Store coupon poli­cies, ugh! What a pain they have become since these shows came out. One store I shop only lets me use 2 of the same coupon per trans­ac­tion up to 20 coupons per day. Now because I am polite, I ask if I can do 10 trans­ac­tions of 2 coupons all at once. They always say yes, but your store may say no. Well that is ok just buy your 2 items put them in the car and do it again. One store said I had to leave the premis­es before I could do it again so I dri­ve out the park­ing lot exit and come in the next entrance. I did what they required and after they laughed about it for a while they were cool. Recent­ly one of the larg­er chains changed their coupon pol­i­cy by cut­ting the quan­ti­ty of coupons I can use in half. Let me tell you find­ing this out when you are at the check­out is a real pain. Be sure and know your stores poli­cies, get a copy and take it with you every time.

One of the mis­takes I used to make when I first start­ed coupon­ing was think­ing “oh I have a coupon it must be a deal so I will buy it”. Did not take me long to get over that. My goal is to get stuff for free or as close to free as pos­si­ble.

Some peo­ple will say that we are some sort of freak or evil because we are stock­ing up. To me it is an insur­ance pol­i­cy. What if you were in a wreck then lost your job?  I had this hap­pen to me and if I had not been stock­ing up for most of my adult life we would have been in a bad spot. Most of the peo­ple I know would run out of food com­plete­ly in 7 – 10 days if they could not go shop­ping. The peo­ple I know that stock up would be good for 1–3 years with­out shop­ping. Ask your­self which one you want to be.

Anoth­er thing I often hear is that the food will go bad. I just shake my head at all the sheep that believe the expi­ra­tion date on the can is the last day it can be eat­en, such fool­ish­ness.  The few peo­ple that I have let see my stock are often amazed at the quan­ti­ty and then the age of the cans. The canned goods I buy today will most like­ly not be eat­en for anoth­er 5–6 years. Are there foods that will go bad that make buy­ing mas­sive quan­ti­ties a waste? Of course there are; oils or any­thing with a high oil con­tent, such as wal­nuts  will even­tu­al­ly go ran­cid. Rice, pas­ta, grains all need to be pack­aged in bug and rodent proof con­tain­ers. It would sure suck to lose all that stock to ver­min. Every­thing must be stored in a cool, dry, dark place for opti­mum stor­age life.

Start slow and work your way up or just go nuts with coupon­ing. It is pos­si­ble to build a full year sup­ply of goods in 3 months with­out any real effort. Imag­ine a 4 year sup­ply in 1 year of shop­ping and the only thing you did was add coupons to your life with­out increas­ing the amount of mon­ey you actu­al­ly spend. Or spend 25% of what you used to and use the rest for oth­er prepa­ra­tion items such as; med­ica­tions, ammu­ni­tion, firearms, a good knife, a bug out vehi­cle, or just save it.

Here are a few coupon clip­ping ser­vices that I have used:

Good Shop­ping!

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