The Business of Survival, by an Anonymous Reader

Maybe it’s a case of life imi­tat­ing art. Maybe it’s just com­pa­nies tak­ing advan­tage of a pub­lic trend. Or, maybe it real­ly is a wave of fear sweep­ing the nation. What­ev­er “it” is ‘sur­vival’ today is becom­ing a big busi­ness! The sit­u­a­tion isn’t mere­ly... Read more

What I Did First, by PrepperJim

I am going to pref­ace Prep­per­Jim’s post today with a brief state­ment, and say that I real­ly per­son­al­ly enjoyed this post, as it let me know that I was not alone in mak­ing my own mis­takes.   Mak­ing mis­takes is how many of us learn, espe­cial­ly when we... Read more
Introducing Guest Blogger “Prepper Jim”

Introducing Guest Blogger “Prepper Jim”

Please wel­come Prep­per Jim as a guest blog­ger… He will be pro­vid­ing some great infor­ma­tion from time to time, and I look for­ward to his posts here… So with­out fur­ther hes­i­ta­tion, please let me intro­duce, “Prep­per Jim.” Hi every­one. Please allow me to... Read more

Grab Paper

A post by a guest author who would like to remain anony­mous Arti­cles and videos abound that dis­cuss grab bags (aka “bug out bags”) for a SHTF event. Each varies some­what for con­tent but in gen­er­al they all men­tion tak­ing sup­plies of food, water,... Read more

The Case For Non-Lethal Defense

Guest Post by a read­er who wish­es to remain anony­mous. You can’t get away from it. Prepping/survival blogs, web­sites, books, videos etc. all inevitable (and some­times ini­tial­ly too) dis­cuss the need for a defense strat­e­gy in the face of a SHTF event lead­ing... Read more