DIY Ceramic Planter Heater

This was an inter­est­ing find yes­ter­day.  It is a Ceram­ic Planter Heater that uses a can­dle to heat the core which is a steel bolt, wash­ers, and nuts, which heats three lay­ers of ceram­ic planter.  The ceram­ic is dense and hard, holds, and... Read more

My Urban Get Home Bag

When I worked in NYC and live in NJ, Post 9/11 I had a GHB in my file cab­ined draw­er. 1. 1 Bot­tle Potas­si­um Iodide Tablets (inex­pen­sive and fig­ured it was good to have in the event of a dirty bomb) 2. 2 x Small Bot­tle of hand san­i­tiz­er (60% alco­hol / 40%... Read more
Car Preparedness, Part 4, Food

Car Preparedness, Part 4, Food

Well, let’s see.  Here are some of the foods I rec­om­mend you keep in your car kit.  Some of these are per­son­al pref­er­ence, and some are what I keep min my car.  First, how­ev­er, I want to let you know I keep a min­i­mum of two liters of water in... Read more