I always carry aluminum foil.  In fact, in my Altoids kit there are two square feet of aluminum foil.  I carry it because if I need a makeshift bowl or need to cook something I have what I need to do the job, and can possibly reuse it if I had to.  I only carry enough because the situation I may be in is with luck, only temporary.  But it will allow me to boil water in a pinch up to cook meat, fish, vegetables, chicken, etc.  You can put it in the coals, or you can cook it on a grill.  It is a great resource to have in a pinch.  I wanted to share a list of resources for cooking with aluminum foil, so that if you find yourself in a pinch, camping, or in a real survival situation, you can cook yourself a meal and psychologically and physically rejuvenate yourself.

Please see the following resources:

Use these as a guideline to testing your own recipes in hot coals or on the grill… I know I am going to try and perfect a few recipes so that I can have a tasty meal in the woods.

Think about this for a moment.  The power goes out in the summer, and your air conditioning is not working, the stove stops working and you have no way to cook dinner.  But outside in the back yard you have a grill and one of those round fire pits in the back yard.  Hmmm… Sounds like a perfect way to make dinner to me.

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