Living in the suburbs, and commuting into NYC, you would think is easy.  It is, but it can also be a cumbersome task when you are schlepping a notebook, laptop, file folders, and EDC every day.  I also travel nationally quite a bit on business.  With all the “stuff” I was carrying, it got to be a bit heavy.  I have used to use a nice Coach leather briefcase,  I have tried messenger bags, traditional backpacks, etc., and was just never satisfied.  So, quite by accident I came across a video on some time ago discussing the benefits of the Maxpedition Gearslinger Back Pack.  I took a closer look at it, and then searched their site a little more and saw the Kodiak Gearslinger, Maxpedition’s larger version of the one that was reviewed… I waffled for a week or two, but then thought, what the hell… I spent the money on the pack, and have not looked back since…

Now, why do I think it is the best?  Besides being the best I have found, thus far, I like the fact that I can swing the pack from my back to my chest and open it from the side easily.  It holds the weight of what I put in it well.  It works well for hiking as well as the city.  It is just a good all around bag.  I think it is the perfect commuter’s bag in the suburbs, has molle straps, it is very high quality, and highly recommend it.

Here is the video review that I first saw on the Sitka:

Here is a video review on the Kodiak Gearslinger:

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