I took on a small project this evening, and it was dead simple…  I have been thinking about building a faraday cage for my small electronics, or the small electronics I am going to want in the event of an EMP.  I was at the Army Surplus store in Hackansack, NJ the other day, and they had some larger ammo cans.  I took the Ammo can this evening, lined it with cardboard, because your electronics should not be touching the metal, and then realized both my Asus netbook and my iPad would fit in the box, as well as my:

  • Midland Walkie Talkies,
  • Small Maglite Flashlight with multiple modes,
  • Mini Cassette Recorder with one Cassette,
  • my old iPod with my music library loaded on it,
  • Eton Emergency Crank / Solar Radio
  • Soon my Portable Midland CB Radio
  • Old Digital Camera
  • Small ziplock of plug accessories,
The Budget Faraday Cage, holds a surprisingly substantial number of electronics, and was a pleasant surprise.  Now I need an old steel file cabinet so that I can put my Duracell Emergency Battery Pack in their to keep it from getting hit by an EMP, and use it as an ad-hoc Faraday Cage for larger items…
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