I took on a small project this evening, and it was dead sim­ple…  I have been think­ing about build­ing a fara­day cage for my small elec­tron­ics, or the small elec­tron­ics I am going to want in the event of an EMP.  I was at the Army Sur­plus store in Hack­an­sack, NJ the oth­er day, and they had some larg­er ammo cans.  I took the Ammo can this evening, lined it with card­board, because your elec­tron­ics should not be touch­ing the met­al, and then real­ized both my Asus net­book and my iPad would fit in the box, as well as my:

  • Mid­land Walkie Talkies,
  • Small Maglite Flash­light with mul­ti­ple modes,
  • Mini Cas­sette Recorder with one Cas­sette,
  • my old iPod with my music library loaded on it,
  • Eton Emer­gency Crank / Solar Radio
  • Soon my Portable Mid­land CB Radio
  • Old Dig­i­tal Cam­era
  • Small ziplock of plug acces­sories,
The Bud­get Fara­day Cage, holds a sur­pris­ing­ly sub­stan­tial num­ber of elec­tron­ics, and was a pleas­ant sur­prise.  Now I need an old steel file cab­i­net so that I can put my Dura­cell Emer­gency Bat­tery Pack in their to keep it from get­ting hit by an EMP, and use it as an ad-hoc Fara­day Cage for larg­er items…
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