Do you know about  It’s a very pop­u­lar web­site that is about “Tips, tricks, and down­loads for get­ting things done.”  It is sim­ply that.  I like it because every now and then they have cool DIY and Mac­Gyver tips that I think relate to prep­ping and pre­pared­ness in gen­er­al.  If this list does­n’t make you a fan, it nev­er will.  I just want­ed to share with every­one.

You will notice many sto­ries come from oth­er sites like Wik­i­How, Instructa­bles, etc.  How­ev­er, I like Life­Hack­er because they bring a lot of stuff togeth­er.

You can go right here:

Just a quick post to share.  Good stuff and hope you enjoy…

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