I read the Sur­vival Spot Blog, almost dai­ly.  Par­tial­ly, because I read through so much stuff, he gen­er­al­ly pep­pers his blog with videos that make for a nice change.  Today, he had a post, enti­tled “10 Things You Did­n’t Know About Sur­vival.”  I think it should be titled “10 Things You Did­n’t Know About Nuclear Sur­vival,” but nev­er­the­less I think that it was a good illus­tra­tion of what peo­ple for­got when they were taught to get under their desks in the event of a nuclear mis­sile strike when we were kids in school.

Here it is if you did­n’t click on the link above:

When I went through this post, it got me think­ing, too…  If a nuclear weapon is det­o­nat­ed in NYC (near where I live), I am far enough away, assum­ing that the bomb is a small­er one, that I would not be affect­ed direct­ly by the blast.  How­ev­er, nuclear fall­out, on the oth­er hand will trav­el with the wind stream.  Depend­ing on the size of the blast, would depend on the amount of fall­out.  Hmmm.  How good is bug­ging in going to be?  Well, I’m not going to stick around to find out, hon­est­ly.  I’m bug­ging out, and right quick, in the event a nuclear blast occurs in NYC.  If there is fall­out there is radi­a­tion.  If there is radi­a­tion, that is bad.  Now, how good is bug­ging out going to be for me?  Well, that is a good ques­tion.  Since the jet stream moves counter clock­wise, and the air will be mov­ing north/north west, and I am bug­ging out to the west, how good is bug­ging out going to be for me in the event of a fall­out sit­u­a­tion?  That is a good ques­tion, and again, depends on the size of the nuclear device’s explo­sion, was there only one of them, or were mul­ti­ple loca­tions tar­get­ed.  Do I need addi­tion­al fall back and bug out loca­tions?  Ques­tions that def­i­nite­ly need to be addressed.

Here are a few links on the poten­tial threat of nuclear attack on NYC:

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