Local or Alternative Currency in a Community for Higher Economic Sustainability

by suburban August 21, 2012 Economy

On the ride home from my boss’s office on Monday evening this week, I was thinking about the economy, and the ramifications of economic collapse.  I thought about how it would effect where I live in NJ today, and I thought about how it might effect my home town, a small town in rural Pennsylvania. […]

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The Price of Money To Come

by suburban April 28, 2011 Gold and Silver

I’m not sure if that is a good title, but I am using it anyway… Several months ago, I priced silver, on a per ounce basis.  It was $31.00 and change.  I thought, Hmmm. I should buy some silver.  I disregarded… I few weeks later I looked at the price of silver again.  (I don’t […]

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One Hour Meltdown and More. Thanks Survival Mom.

by suburban November 11, 2010 Money

Thanks for scaring me to death…  Not really… Back in January of 2010 The SurvivalMom published a post on “The One-Hour Meltdown.”  I actually came across this last week for the first time.  Not sure how I missed it, but, in trolling her blog, it popped up.  She’s right to be scared of this, especially […]

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