Bug Out

Ebola, Ebola, Ebola, What I Am Doing To Prepare

by suburban October 27, 2014 Bug In

How many times in the last several weeks have you heard about Ebola?  Too many?  Me too.  Some may say I am crazy, some may say I am cautious, and some are walking around living in their bubble of life without a clue. It was only a few weeks ago, when I published a booklet […]

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Bug Out Threats, Traffic and Fuel, Part 1.5, OPSEC

by suburban September 16, 2012 Bug Out

This is a supplement to Bug Out Threats, Traffic and Fuel, Part One.  While traveling this week, it occurred to me I might have missed something in the original post.  In fact it was brought to my attention by a buddy of mine as we were chatting about the possibility of having to Bug Out.  The […]

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Hygiene In the Field, or Bug Out Hygiene

by suburban September 6, 2012 Bug Out

I’ve done a lot of camping this summer, and with the drought, you can imagine it was pretty hot out there.  I can attest that it was.  At our camp site we cut a lot of wood, and we used much of it for the camp fire.  Those were hot days swinging an axe, and […]

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Bug Out Threats, Traffic and Fuel, Part One

by suburban August 28, 2012 Bug Out

Living in NJ is an experience unto itself.  Just ask any of my friends who live here that are transplants like me.  It is certainly one of the most unique places I have ever been.  People here just want to get from point A to point B when they are in the car.  You would […]

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The Modular Survival Kit, Cache Valley Prepper

by Mr-Jones August 1, 2012 Bug In

The Modular Survival Kit is a fairly simple concept.  And one that I know that the military is familiar with, but not one that I’ve heard get much attention in the prepping community.  Once I had built up my kit, as any aspiring survivalist would do, I did a few practice bug-outs in the form […]

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Who Would You Bug Out With?

by suburban January 18, 2012 Bug Out

A question on one of the boards I am on popped up, and I responded, which I rarely do these days.  I’ve been kind of burned out of writing and been focusing on building more preps, losing some of my flab and getting into better shape, etc….  However, I thought this was in interesting question. […]

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The 3rd Wave, Evacuation From A Disaster Location

by ST November 22, 2011 Bug Out

Let me preface this article by acknowledging the source for the idea of this article comes from another peppers’ video. Unfortunately, it’s been a long time I’ve mulled over this topic and I don’t recall who exactly it was. With that out of the way, let’s get started. The subject of evacuation from a disaster […]

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Bug Out Trigger Criteria

by Mr-Jones July 29, 2011 Bug Out

This is a guest post by a new contributing Author Mr-Jones.  Mr-Jones and I know each other primarily from Facebook, and some of the same forums, and have become fast friends, online.  I have asked him to contribute when he can, and I greatly appreciate it.  Please welcome him…  What exactly would it take to […]

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The Bug Out Trailer or The Camping Trailer

by suburban June 27, 2011 Bug Out

Recently, I read a post over at Scott William’s, Bug-Out Survival blog called 4×4 Tent Trailers for Hauling Your Stuff Off Road.  Without going into great detail, I have looked at these before with great interest, primarily because I drive an SUV.  There are a couple different manufacturers of “survival trailers.” that would allow you to […]

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A Look Back At a Katrina Experience… An Expereinced Prepper Tells All

by suburban June 17, 2011 Bug Out

It should be noted, that this was sent to me by a friend yesterday.  I did not write this, and neither did he, rather it comes from a prepper who evacuated LA and posted this story in a forum (www.zombiehunters.org).  It is a chronicle of what worked for him and his family and what did not in […]

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