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New Jersey Preparedness and Alternative Energy Show – April 20th, in Woodbury, NJ

by suburban March 27, 2013 Gear

I just got off the phone with Steve Schanne over at Off Grid Warehouse, a NJ based provider of preparedness gear and supplies.  Steve has been promoting a FREE, Yes FREE Alternative Energy and Preparedness Expo.  The Expo is being held in Woodbury, NJ on April 20th, 2013 in a 20,000 foot facility.  There will […]

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Swiss Army Knives. The Almost Forgotten Survival Tool, by Me….

by suburban March 8, 2013 EDC

I almost forgot about them.  I did.  I had a couple of them as a kid, that sadly were misplaced.  I’m talking about the Swiss Army Knife.  With multi-tools being so popular for various reasons I literally have not given the Swiss Army Knife a look in several years.  I have two or three multi-tools. […]

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Review of “Without Rule of Law, Advanced Skills to Help You Survive: Hide, Evade, Scavenge, and Infiltrate”

by suburban February 20, 2013 Civil Unrest

This review is probably months overdue. I’ve had “Without Rule of Law: Advanced Skills to Help You Survive” for months. It also took me a couple months to get through because I picked it up just every now and then to read it when I had a spare moment. To be sure I did not […]

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A Flashlight Review, The HybridLight Company

by suburban February 2, 2012 Preparedness

I was recently contacted by The HybridLight Company.  I traded emails with them for a day or two and asked them about a hybrid solar/battery powered flashlight they sell.  Honestly, at first, I wasn’t that enthusiastic about reviewing a flashlight.  Everyone has their preference of brands.  To me they are a lot like a pocket […]

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Add One of These Budget Knives To Your Kit(s)

by suburban January 26, 2012 bug out bag

In a short sighted ambitious attempt to think about learning more skills, I wanted, and continue to want to learn how to make a knife out aof a blank piece of steel.  It is something that I have wanted to do for a long time, as does a buddy of mine.  While watching City Survivalist’s […]

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The Interesting Road to Actually Bugging Out, Thoughts During a Mandatory Evacuation

by suburban September 3, 2011 Bug Out

Yesterday, I received an email, and text message from the local emergency system I was signed up for.  The mayor of my town, and the county, I believe, instituted a mandatory evacuation of homes due to flooding from the Passaic River.  As I got the text and email, I thought about it for a while. […]

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Suburban’s Updated Travel EDC

by suburban August 25, 2011 Crime

As promised, this is my post about my expanded Travel EDC.  It seems the more I travel, the more I think I need when on the road.  I am finding there is a fine balance between having what you think you might need in an emergency, and just packing your whole Get Home Bag in […]

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Gerber Profile Knife Review

by suburban August 1, 2011 Gear

A couple years ago, I purchased a Gerber Profile Fixed Blade Knife Drop Point.  I generally take it camping with me, but have never thought of reviewing it.  In fact, I am not a knife afficiando.  However, I’m going to give it a shot here. Like I said, I have had this knife for a couple […]

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It’s the Small Stuff

by Prepperjim June 22, 2011 Health

When thrust into a survival situation, it is often the small things that make the difference between success (survival) and failure (death). Often, having a sense of comfort makes all the difference in your mental attitude. With so many prepper words devoted to guns, knives and bags, I started to think of some small things […]

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EDC Bag Reconfiguration

by Prepperjim May 11, 2011 bug out bag

When I first began prepping, I put a tactical messenger bag on my Amazon Christmas list so that I could carry “stuff” around to be a “survivalist” if the “SHTF”. I am putting those words in quotation, because I had no idea at the time what stuff I needed to face a crisis situation. With […]

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