Summer’s Here, Work, Future Plans, and Prepping

by suburban June 25, 2013 Bug Out Vehicle

Well, summer is officially upon us.  When it came it came with heat and humidity.  With that there are supposed to be severe thunder storms all week here in NJ.  I’m getting used to the rain, and am going to start calling New Jersey, “New Seattle” shortly.  Heck, I’ve only been camping twice all season, […]

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Pandemic Thoughts, and How’s Your NBC & Quarantine Gear?

by suburban March 23, 2012 Pandemic

As I spend time writing this post, I am on a plane watching the film Contigion. If you have not seen it, it’s a film about a pandemic that started and begins to be widely spread by those traveling. As the film progresses, it is found that the pandemic is a deeply deadly virus. The […]

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Worth Watching – Docudrama on Pandemics

by suburban July 15, 2010 Bug In

This is a docudrama I came across that I believe could be a realistic situation and could create a bug in situation for families to try to keep from contracting a disease.

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