May 2012

Review of the Timber Wolf “Blazin” Bowie Knife

by suburban May 21, 2012 Knives

Last fall I wrote a post about three budget knives you might want in your pack because they were inexpensive.  Last weekend, I had the chance to bring one of them camping as we openend up the campsite for the season.  Prior to going I gave the Timber Wolf Blazin Bowie a quick sharpening and […]

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Thoughts on a Storage Unit as a Fallback Shelter or Bug Out Location

by suburban May 17, 2012 Bug Out

This is a response to @Alex516 who asked the following question, which made me think a little deeper on the subject, and I thought it would make a good post: @Alex516 asked: “I’d be curious about your thoughts for using a storage unit as a layover. I’m thinking about caching some supplies in one on […]

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