A ques­tion on one of the boards I am on popped up, and I respond­ed, which I rarely do these days.  I’ve been kind of burned out of writ­ing and been focus­ing on build­ing more preps, los­ing some of my flab and get­ting into bet­ter shape, etc.…  How­ev­er, I thought this was in inter­est­ing ques­tion.  Here is is:

“What are your indi­vid­ual cri­te­ria for whom you would bug out with oth­er than fam­i­ly. I’m assum­ing that you would not leave your fam­i­ly behind. If you would, that would be inter­est­ing to hear the rea­son­ing as well. Would it be one or more of these: (a) Co-work­ers (b) Neigh­bors, © Close friends (d) Those shar­ing your beliefs, (e) Best pre­pared regard­less of beliefs, or (f) make the best of whom you find your­self with?”

I respond­ed with this:

I have been build­ing a rela­tion­ship with three or four oth­er prep­pers. Three of which I trust, and the fourth, I am not sure about. Let me rephrase, I trust him, but I know his alle­giances are to his imme­di­ate fam­i­ly, peri­od. He has his own plans, OPSEC, etc. he will adhere to. I know this going in. And I trust he thinks the same of myself. How­ev­er, in a tight sit­u­a­tion we would go it togeth­er, I have no doubt. Not sure it would be a per­ma­nent thing. I think we would part ways at some junc­ture.

That said, I’ll keep the list to my imme­di­ate geog­ra­phy. There are peo­ple out­side my imme­di­ate reach I would def­i­nite­ly bug out with, but they do not live near me, so the point is sort of mute.

A few sim­ple items. They would have to be eth­i­cal and of good char­ac­ter. There has to be a spo­ken or unspo­ken bond that as prep­pers we under­stand that we will have to band togeth­er for a short or long peri­od of time. They would have to have their own core resources. While I do not mind shar­ing resources, you expo­nen­tial­ly deplete yours when you share them, and that can short­en my life. There is a moral con­ver­sa­tion in there regard­ing women, chil­dren, fam­i­lies, in need, but that is a con­ver­sa­tion left for anoth­er time. The person(s) I would bug out with would have to have the same or sim­i­lar vision as I, would have to have sim­i­lar goals, and under­stand that there are bound­aries.

Do they have to lay down their life for me in my defense? Good ques­tion, I think no. I think they have to defend them­selves, and if we have to defend our­selves to stay alive as a team then so be it. But I do not expect some­one to just defend me in an emer­gency or sur­vival sit­u­a­tion in close quar­ters just because they are with me.

I am not sure any of this is mak­ing sense. I have not real­ly thought about the cri­te­ria, as I have plans to bug out alone, and make a stop over for sup­plies, here or there…

How would you respond to this ques­tion?  Have you thought about who you would trust to bug out with?  Do you already have plans to bug out with a team of fam­i­lies etc?

Let us know by leav­ing a com­ment…

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