A question on one of the boards I am on popped up, and I responded, which I rarely do these days.  I’ve been kind of burned out of writing and been focusing on building more preps, losing some of my flab and getting into better shape, etc….  However, I thought this was in interesting question.  Here is is:

“What are your individual criteria for whom you would bug out with other than family. I’m assuming that you would not leave your family behind. If you would, that would be interesting to hear the reasoning as well. Would it be one or more of these: (a) Co-workers (b) Neighbors, (c) Close friends (d) Those sharing your beliefs, (e) Best prepared regardless of beliefs, or (f) make the best of whom you find yourself with?”

I responded with this:

I have been building a relationship with three or four other preppers. Three of which I trust, and the fourth, I am not sure about. Let me rephrase, I trust him, but I know his allegiances are to his immediate family, period. He has his own plans, OPSEC, etc. he will adhere to. I know this going in. And I trust he thinks the same of myself. However, in a tight situation we would go it together, I have no doubt. Not sure it would be a permanent thing. I think we would part ways at some juncture.

That said, I’ll keep the list to my immediate geography. There are people outside my immediate reach I would definitely bug out with, but they do not live near me, so the point is sort of mute.

A few simple items. They would have to be ethical and of good character. There has to be a spoken or unspoken bond that as preppers we understand that we will have to band together for a short or long period of time. They would have to have their own core resources. While I do not mind sharing resources, you exponentially deplete yours when you share them, and that can shorten my life. There is a moral conversation in there regarding women, children, families, in need, but that is a conversation left for another time. The person(s) I would bug out with would have to have the same or similar vision as I, would have to have similar goals, and understand that there are boundaries.

Do they have to lay down their life for me in my defense? Good question, I think no. I think they have to defend themselves, and if we have to defend ourselves to stay alive as a team then so be it. But I do not expect someone to just defend me in an emergency or survival situation in close quarters just because they are with me.

I am not sure any of this is making sense. I have not really thought about the criteria, as I have plans to bug out alone, and make a stop over for supplies, here or there…

How would you respond to this question?  Have you thought about who you would trust to bug out with?  Do you already have plans to bug out with a team of families etc?

Let us know by leaving a comment…

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