A very short post today…

So, I took it upon myself to to re-arrange my food storage last night, repack some of it, consolidate some of it, and just make it a bit more organized.  Honestly, it is still not where I want it.  However, I needed to make some space since I now have a couple more months of food, and it is starting to take up more space.  While going though everything, I realized I was lacking a few things.  Most noticeably, I am lacking vegetables.  I had decided last year I was going to buy a dehydrator and dehydrate various vegetables this year, and store them… Guess what I didn’t do?  Just the thing that I said I was going to do.  I couldn’t believe it.  I have carbs, proteins, etc.  But I do not have some of the vital nutrients that compliment the carbs and proteins.

Will be doing some shopping this weekend for vegetables and see if I cannot locate a used dehydrator to save some money on my efforts.  I dread the thought of putting one more piece of equipment in my apartment, since I still need to do a little (LOT) of reorganization to repack much of my gear, which is starting to overflow a bit ias well… Another project for the weekend…

What’s missing from your preps?

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