As every­one knows you can only live three days with­out water.  Per­son­al­ly, I can’t fath­om not hav­ing any­thing to drink in a 24 hour peri­od.  How­ev­er, here is how I store potable water in my apart­ment for any SHTF sit­u­a­tion.  When I first start­ed prep­ping and won­der­ing how to store water in an apart­ment, I was befud­dled.  I did­n’t have room for a 50 gal­lon blue water bar­rel.  Then I remem­bered a cou­ple of col­lapsi­ble 5 gal­lon water con­tain­ers that I take camp­ing with me.  Hmmm… Per­fect.  I filled them (10 gal­lons), did some research about how much bleach (Clorox) I should add to keep it potable for the term of stor­age (one year).  I ran to Tar­get, Wal­mart, got on Ama­zon, Ebay, etc. and looked for more.  I now have sev­en of these water con­tain­ers at the bot­tom of a clos­et in my apart­ment for a total of 35 gal­lons of water stored.

I also picked up a Water Bob so that in a pinch I could fill it in my tub pre-SHTF, that would give me an addi­tion­al 50 gal­lons of water that I can use to drink, cook, and cleanup with.  That would give me rough­ly just under 90 days of water in a pinch depend­ing on the time of year.   Mean­ing, that in the sum­mer, because I am on a sec­ond floor apart­ment that can get up to 90 degrees or over, and I am sure I would go with just over a gal­lon of water per day.

My water will have been in stor­age in a year in July, so it’s time to change it out and store fresh water for the year…

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