Here is my igno­rance show­ing.  I thought most water bot­tles I pur­chased in the camp or out­door stores were safe for water con­sump­tion.  I guess not.  Accord­ing to and Test Freaks that not all water bot­tles are made the same.  In fact, I know that reusing the plas­tic water bot­tle you buy in the con­ve­nient store is hypo­thet­i­cal­ly bad for you in the long term, even though I am guilty of refill­ing, and tak­ing them to the gym from time to time.  Maybe that is what’s wrong with me.  LOL.

The post below makes sense to me, espe­cial­ly if your EDC requires you to refill a water bot­tle or two in the morn­ing before you head out to work… Any­way, the post I came across at is below, and it out­lines what water bot­tles are bet­ter for you to use than oth­ers.  Good stuff to know in my opin­ion.  How­ev­er, in a sur­vival sit­u­a­tion, I am going to use what­ev­er water bot­tle is present.

Good post and good infor­ma­tion for every­one to have.  I think I am going to get a cou­ple new water bot­tles this week­end…

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