Here is my ignorance showing.  I thought most water bottles I purchased in the camp or outdoor stores were safe for water consumption.  I guess not.  According to and Test Freaks that not all water bottles are made the same.  In fact, I know that reusing the plastic water bottle you buy in the convenient store is hypothetically bad for you in the long term, even though I am guilty of refilling, and taking them to the gym from time to time.  Maybe that is what’s wrong with me.  LOL.

The post below makes sense to me, especially if your EDC requires you to refill a water bottle or two in the morning before you head out to work… Anyway, the post I came across at is below, and it outlines what water bottles are better for you to use than others.  Good stuff to know in my opinion.  However, in a survival situation, I am going to use whatever water bottle is present.

Good post and good information for everyone to have.  I think I am going to get a couple new water bottles this weekend…

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