Well, I went to the grocery store tonight.  When I got there I noticed there was a lot of stuff on sale.  Package of six ramen noodles for $2.00, Vienna Sausage, two cans for a dollar, SPAM, two 6 oz cans for three dollars, 10 cans of Campbell’s soup for $10.00, etc. Some were great deals, some were good deals, etc.  I used it as an opportunity to stock up on a few items I needed and a few more items for my food storage… I may go back tomorrow and pick up more stuff for storage.

I also used this as an opportunity to pick up a couple cans of Vienna Sausage, SPAM, and more as a test if I can or should supplement my food preps with some of them.  Now, I have never had Vienna Sausage in the past…  Picked up a couple cans of spam and couple cans of vienna sausages to try out… Opened the can of vienna sausage or SPAM, that I know of.  After dinner, I popped open a can of the Vienna sausage.  They looked like little hot dogs.  I followed the instructions, and took two out of the can and put them in the microwave for about a minute.  While they were heating up, I looked at the nutritional value, or lack there of.  Five (5) grams of protein per serving, 17% fat, and about 17% Cholesterol 400+/- mg of sodium per serving as well.  For the record, three sausages are the recommended serving, and there were seven sausages per can.

As the two sausages emerged from the microwave, I let them cool for a moment.  When I cut them with my fork, I noticed they had a sponge like consistency.  I popped half a sausage in my mouth, and it tasted like a salty spongy hot dog.  I looked at the can again, and noticed it said, packed in chicken broth, which was more like a syrupy chicken broth.  I looked at this for asecond; ate the other sausage and a half, and decided, this is not food as we know it. Just cheap food.  Smelled a little like cat food as well. Cheap.  Two cans for a dollar.  However, 5g of protein per serving, 17% fat, and high in cholesterol, as mentioned.  I thought about how I could make it better, or how this might serve me in a survival situation… I could easily slice up the sausages, add more water to the very salty chicken broth, drop some vegetables in te water/broth, add the sausages, and boil until I have a nice hot soup.  What I quickly realized is that you could easily just use this for energy.  Protein is a little low, so if you had to mix it with real chicken or something else to help your core foods last a little longer or to make a slightly larger meal to serve another person you could do so.  It may not be what you want, but the fat, and protein might help have more energy and keep you alive.

After some additional thought there are a myriad of other foods you can mix your vienna sausages with including:

  • Ramen Noodles
  • Soups
  • Mac and Cheese
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Eggs
  • Casseroles
  • Other Pastas
  • Rice / Beans
  • Mix with condiments such as Ketchup, Mustard, or BBQ Sauce
  • etc…
Does anyone else have Vienna Sausage in their food storage?  If you do, how do you use them and why do you store them?
I am undecided whether or not I may buy more of it for my own, primarily because of the concept of storing what you eat.
Not sure I can make this a staple in my diet.  They may have to remain a last resort prep…
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