Well, my friend Shane posed an interesting question today about whether or not I am prepared for a Hurricane or Tornado.  He recently had a tornado touch down 600 feet from his home.  More specifically, he asked, if I have a kit for such an emergency, and what I might do if I had five minutes to get out of my place.  Where would I go and what would I do?

Well, first, fundamentally, I believe that most SHTF kits are primarily the same at the core. Correct me if I am wrong. Living in NJ Tornadoes and Hurricanes are very rare, even though there have been devastating storms like those. My core kit has the following:

  • Altoids EDC Kit (contents posted in another thread)
  • Wind-up/solar radio
  • Several flashlights
  • Emergency blankets
  • Fire starting tools (Matches, Lighter, Magnesium rod, lighter fluid, fire sticks (home made))
  • Iodine tablets/crystals
  • Multi-tool
  • 25′ of 550 Paracord
  • Basic first aid kit (not just one I bought at the store, but with many additions of my own)
  • Knife (Swedish Mora)
  • 1 QT Water bottle
  • 1 Gallon Plastic Bag
  • Emergency Poncho

I think I hit everything, but this is the core of many of my emergency kits and I build on that from there.

Now if I had less than 5 minutes to get out, that is a tough one. Because I live in an apartment in NJ, that is a great question.  I have no basement I can go to, no safe room that is in my back yard.  Not good.  Now the advantage I have is that very rarely is there a Hurricane or Tornado in the northeast where I live.  But, we do experience the wrath of the tropical storm, etc.  This could be the long aftermath of a large hurricane.  More to think about, and more follow-up on that later…

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