It’s a fantastic evening here in NJ, with the exception of my allergies kicking up, which reminds me. Time to stock up a few seasons worth of Zyrtec or some other anti-hystimine.  As long as they as stored correctly, they should last for several years without worrying they go bad.  I think it is going to be a bad allergy season.  They hit me pretty hard a few days ago, and as I sit here on my deck, enjoying the evening writing this post, there is certainly pollen in the air.  Allergies were never a real prep consideration until this evening when I was hit with the pollen in my eyes and nose.

I’ve been doing as much reading as I can about the economy, Japan, inflation, oil, spending, unrest in the middle east, etc.  It all seems quite cyclical at the moment, and one issue does not exclude the other.  It’s quite frankly disconcerting and scary.  When is the hammer going to drop? Is the hammer going to drop? Are the people predicting inflation correct?  Who’s pulling the strings, really,and why?  All these questions, and what I am seeing are saying a couple things to me.  Feel free to call me out on it if you like, but I feel like I am indirectly being told to accelerate my prepping, find more ample storage, and stock up faster.  I am feeling like I need to build a better “milestone plan.”  Milestone plan, you ask?  Sure.  Every project, emergency, situation has bumps that are mini changes in the significance of the situation that can make it better or worse depending on the situation.  In this case, I feel like I need to revisit Bug Out plans, Bug In plans, the goals, and what the milestones in between should be.  Thoughts of the chicken and egg seem to be in my head, chasing each other.

  1. How much more food do I buy?
  2. What kind of foods?
  3. When was the last time I did a food inventory?
  4. Where do I store it?
  5. Do I place a large online order? Where would I store that?
  6. Do I get a storage unit?  Do I want to spend the money on a storage unit?
  7. Do I bring some to a family home that is slated as a fall back/Bug Out Location?
  8. What other gear do I still need to acquire?
  9. Who else is going to be with me?  Anyone? (the lingering question)
  10. What do I explain to the woman I just started dating if she finds all this new “stuff” in my apartment (not that she has been here yet, but try and explain away #10 cans of freeze dried and dehydrated foods when you want to keep your prepping private for a while).
  11. Is it time to move to a larger place with more storage space? Do I want to spend the money to move to a new place with more storage and spend more money every month?
  12. Do I just buy another month’s supply of food from one of those companies that have it in the packet and is freeze dried? That is a little expensive.
  13. Do I accelerate buying another rifle, ammo, and traps for food?
  14. Should I cache some or all of this stuff? How long will it take me to pick out Cache locations? How long would it take me to prepare the Cache and the Cache locations while working a demanding job?
  15. Do I invest in more vodka, beer, comfort foods, etc. that can be used for barter, fuel, and other purposes?
  16. Oh, and how the hell much is this all going to cost me if I accelerate the process?

Then questions like this pop into my head:

  1. What would I do if something happened right now?
  2. What would I do if prices on all items spiked in the next 48 hours?
  3. What would I do if suddenly oil importing were shut down?
  4. EMP? Natural Disaster (Earth Quake, etc… )?

The list can go on and on and on and does.  One thing is certain, people would come west eventually.  Another thing is certain, my preps have a finite end date on them if I were to stay here. Meaning, eventually food and water would run out if the water stopped running and food could not get to the grocery store.  Not good. I need more seeds.  I need better plans…  They say most emergency situations have a 72 hour lifespan. Looking around recently it looks more like a 365+ day life span.  At a minimum 100 times longer than the State of NJ is prepared for in an unforeseen event, man made or natural.

One day this weekend is going to be dedicated to preps, re-evaluating my Bug Out Bag, again, as well as putting some additional plans on paper, and mentally running through drills in my head.  With luck, I can run some of this by one or two of the other preppers I know.  Seems I just ran it by you too… What do you think?  What are your thoughts on the economy, disaster, etc.  Please feel free to let me know.

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