I think about this from time to time.  An EMP attack that would render my car and just about anything electronic useless.  100+ miles from my Bug Out Location, and final rendezvous point, it would take me five to 10 days to hoof it on foot to my destination.  With a bike, maybe faster, but my EDC would have to be streamlined so that I could effectively get there in three to five days, tops.  A consideration I have been trying to think through.

With the advent of an EMP, all food would stop moving.  Not live animals of course, but food being delivered to your grocery store, restaurant, etc.  It wouldn’t take long before people started getting scared and running out of food.  Money and ATMs would be pretty much useless with no way to bank, and barter would emerge quickly as a method of trade.  The suburbs and the cities would be in a LOT of trouble, fast.

The Suburban Prepper wrote a post today on an EMP strike.  There is a lot of information out there on EMPs and Faraday Cages (I’ll post on this another time) to protect your electronics, etc.  All you need do is do a Google search for EMP attack to learn more.

Here is the post from The Suburban Prepper:

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