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There is more snow coming this weekend.  According to how the weather looks there might be quite a bit of snow over the next couple of weeks.  Snow does not make me happy.  Especially now because the towns around me have NOT cleaned up the snow on the side of the road limiting the amount of parking available for those with street parking only.  Normally, the towns have bucket loaders full of snow hauling it away.  Not this time.  Sort of pisses me off, but I will get into why another time.  My point, was to transition into the importance of being prepared here in the northeast, because if the last minute frenzy I wrote about here.  

Not only was there a frenzy at the grocery store, but depending on where you lived in NJ, you got between 24″ and 34″ of snow in a 24 hour period.  NYC was paralyzed, as was NJ.  A state of emergency was called, and people were ordered to stay off the road.  My truck was literally buried under plowed snow that was more than waist high.  That was fun digging out (sarcasm implied).  Some areas lost power, and some did not.  So, to my point…

Are you ready?  Are you ready for the snow over the next couple of weeks?  Are you ready to get dumped on (potentially) again multiple times?  Are you ready for the electric or gas to go out?  are you ready to cook if this happens?  Are you ready for the heat not to work in your home for the next six to 36 hours?  Are you ready to shelter in if a water main breaks, there is snow on the ground, you cannot readily get out, and the water is not working in your home?  If you are not ready, then you are putting yourself and your family in danger because you may not have the basics at hand.

Here is a list of essentials you should have on hand before this weekend if you live in the new snow belt:

  1. Water – Fill up any containers you may have, and should be a priority, primarily because everyone needs water, and second because it is essentially free while the water is flowing out of your faucet.  When it’s not flowing, it’s not free…
  2. Food – When you go to the grocery store, try to buy some additional food that will go a longer way than just chicken, steak, etc.  Buy some rice, beans, legumes, some frozen vegetables, etc.  Make a pot of soup before the weekend so that you can keep it in the refrigerator.  This way all you have to do is heat it up for the family.
  3. Light Gear – Candles, batteries, radio, lanterns, flashlights, blankets, books, available for use at arms length if something were to happen.
  4. First Aid – make sure you know where all your pain killers, bandages, etc are in the event you need them if you must shovel or remove ice from your driveway, sidewalk, etc.
  5. Comfort Foods – Nothing can calm you or the kids like a snack, cup of hot chocolate, cup of tea, coffee, etc.

My suggestion, get to the grocery store before the end of the workday Friday.  I am convinced that those that were there running around like crazy people will be there again on Friday right after the first snowflake flies.  Plan some family activities for the downtime at home as well…

Just my two cents today, knowing there is more of the white stuff on the way…

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