You might not think there is one.  At first glance you might say, the vegetables are not organic, they have less flavor because they are factory farm grown, they have steroids, etc.  But there is one advantage of the suburban farmers market.  They get fresh shipments of vegetables every day for purchase at a discounted price.  This means if I want to can tomatoes, I can run down to the farmers market right now pick up the tomatoes, and any other vegetable to bring home and start prepping to dehydrate or to can/jar.  And, I can do this all year long, so that I do not have to wait for a fall or early winter  harvest to do so.

I know what you are thinking.  This goes against much of the self reliant frame of mind, being organic, and not enabling corporate farms, etc.  But my argument is that the vegetables purchased are still fresh, “sort of,” and the goal is to can/jar them for storage anyway.  Now, I am not advocating

We were talking about canning the garden harvest this time of year, and something hit me like a ton of bricks.  With the advent of the suburban farmers market, you could literally can and jar all year long, less expensively than you could if you went to Stop & Shop, or any of the other places around here.  In fact, I have a friend that drives out of NYC almost weekly to go to the farmers market so he can load up on fruits and vegetables because it saves him a bundle.  I can easily save 30S% – 50% and sometimes more over the traditional grocery stores here in northern NJ.

Would the canned veggies be as tasty.  Probably not, but they would still have nutritional value and could be stored in a cool environment for up to five years.  That goes a long way, especially if a schedule of canning every few months for a couple of days could happen.  It is an interesting thought.  I have never canned / jarred anything yet.  I have thought about giving it a shot, but I need to find the time, or make the time to stay motivated to do it.  I wouldn’t get hung up on organic vs. factory farm either.  This is your future during hard times we are talking about.

Doug also brought up canning meats.  I know that can be done, I have seen it done before, and I think it is a great way to store game or other meats for long periods of time as well.  You get some liquid out of the jar too, that can be used for cooking and/or a sauce/gravy I would imagine…

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