Famine — a severe short­age of food, as through crop fail­ure or over­pop­u­la­tion. (“famine.” Collins Eng­lish Dic­tio­nary — Com­plete & Unabridged 10th Edi­tion. Harper­Collins Pub­lish­ers.) More than mere­ly a short­age or high­er prices, “famine” is the... Read more

Mom, Dad, Prepping, and Politics

This week­end I admit­ted to my par­ents, who frankly, would think I was a bit of a wacko if I ful­ly admit­ted I was a prep­per.  I admit­ted to them that I had about three months worth of food in my apart­ment for any hard times ahead.  They both,... Read more

Saturday Videos

How To Lash a Tri­pod for Wilder­ness Sur­vival Adam’s Ram­blings: Glenn Beck, Jon stew­art, and the Prep­pers, Equip 2 Endure Nal­gene Mul­ti Drink and OTG Bot­tles The Com­mon Man’s Blow Gun, Dave Can­ter­bury Semi-Per­ma­nent... Read more